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Vôo Sem Retorno - Jocelino Rodrigues

Author Jocelino Rodrigues

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This animated music video takes us through the life story of a couple trying to make their romance last despite the hardships brought about by the distance that separates them. We follow different episodes throughout their relationship as they grow up together. Whether she is in a different city, country, continent, or planetary body, he does not give up and finds a way to meet her.

"Vôo Sem Retorno", is a music video for the debut single of the Portuguese artist Jocelino Rodrigues. The video is available on YouTube and can be found on digital streaming platforms, such as Spotify (


Jocelino Rodrigues - Director/Producer/Writer/Musician
Isabelle Verona Brust - Assistant Producer (
Hannah Wauchope - Writer
Débora Pimentel - Illustrations/Artistic Director (
Luiz Gustavo - Animation (
Renker Amantéa - Animation (


Music and lyrics: Jocelino Rodrigues

Jocelino Rodrigues: vocals and guitars
Alexandre Reis: drums and percussion
Francisco Esteves: electric guitar
Valter Lima: bass
Carolina Marques: transverse flute

Production: Jocelino Rodrigues and Alexandre Reis

Recorded in Penela in May 2016 by Alexandre Reis.
Mixing and mastering by André Tavares (Atlântico Blue Studios).

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