The Festival

Bang Venue

BANG Awards is a festival that takes place in Torres Vedras. It takes over the town with animation and invites the community to participate in this great meeting of artists, directors, celebrities of the world of animated films, and visitors. These are days filled with activities, such as workshops and seminars, besides the films' exhibitions.

In fact, the festival ceremony is but the beginning of a series of activities developed by the BANG organisation and that take place far beyond the competition.
During the months that follow the festival, BANG shows the best films to a great variety of audiences. Brazil, Mozambique, EUA are only some of the places where they were exhibited. In Torres Vedras, this display of films happens at BANG Venue.

Located in a unique part of the town, facing the Parque do Choupal and a wide and inviting square, BANG Venue is the perfect place to put together activities, either inside or outside its room.

For its versatility, it offers the possibility to have activities other than film sessions; such as the ones where the public is invited to create animated characters by using new techniques and technology. For its decoration and ambience, BANG Venue invites us to explore creativity, by remind us that there are so many more tools available to us than a piece of paper.

BANG Venue has counted with the collaboration of artist Jota Aracê to create a panel of 90m² integrating the concepts of nature and technology. In BANG's 3rd edition, whose inspiring theme was The Human Nature, the artist used recycled materials and created a Digital Forest in BANG Venue!

To learn more, watch the Making Of:

BANG Venue has its doors open to the public, to the festival, to initiatives and to any proposal by anyone who shares with us the joy of making magic.
BANG - where magic happens!

BANG it now!